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DIY Silhouette Ornament

Does it get any more beautifully classic than this?

I made 2 of these at the same time, so I kept one and gave the other to my mom as a gift. It’s my very favorite Christmas ornament by far!

What you’ll need:

A clear glass ornament
White paint
Black paint
Tiny scissors (or a craft knife)

I followed the awesome instructions I found on this blog through Pinterest, and went to work.

First, you pour the white paint inside the ornament and turn it over to let it dry. (This part takes forever, like days, and I had to pour in white paint twice.) After that, take a picture of your kid’s profile, and print it on your printer in the size you want it to be on the ornament. Cut it out in a square shape, and use craft scissors to cut out the interior of the silhouette (the area you will be painting). After that, tape the paper to the side of the ornament and paint it with black paint. While it’s tacky, take off the paper and clean up the edges with a toothpick.

DIY Silhouette Ornament

I love this ornament so much!

Of course, don’t forget to write the date on the bottom. (Hopefully, your handwriting looks better than mine!)

I used twine make a hook that I hot-glued to the back of the canvas for hanging. But you could easily skip this step and just place this on your mantle or a shelf in your living room.