DIY $2 Snowglobe

This is such a simple craft, and it makes a whimsical, light statement. I love how fluffy it looks on our TV table.

What you need:

1 large jar
1 craft Christmas tree
a tiny bit of batting
Hot glue gun (and extra glue sticks)

This craft couldn’t be easier, or cheaper!

I bought a box of 12 large jars at Walmart for $10. (They aren’t real “Mason” jars, but they still have the look.) Then, in Walmart’s holiday ornament section, I found this awesome little Christmas tree for $1.

All I did was take the jar’s lid, turn it upside down and hot glue the tree trunk to it. Then, I spread some batting on the bottom of the lid to surround the bottom of the Christmas tree. After that, I put hot glue around the edge of the lid and screwed it onto the jar.


$2 DIY Snowglobe

(Note: I first bought fake snow and put it in the jar, but I found that it left a coating on the inside of the jar that made it look dirty. So, I ended up using batting instead.)

I have gotten so many compliments on this craft, and it was so simple and easy. I just love the crisp look of it, and how the light reflects off the glass.

Ooops, my 19-month-old does too!

$2 DIY Snowglobe