I’m very excited to post my first video blog today! Miraculously, I was ready for Bible study about 40 minutes early, and both kids were watching Disney Junior and eating Rice Chex in the living room, so I snuck off to my master bathroom to record this video blog.

The master shower is a place in my house that I hate to clean. I figure no one sees it, and it rarely gets any attention. My friend and I were talking about this recently, and we both feel the same way. A few minutes later, both our husbands chimed in and repeatedly what they’d each told us separately. It really bugs them.

But we, as wives, hate cleaning the master shower.

So we don’t.

We got to talking about how the small things in marriage really go a long way. Showing generosity to your spouse can take 5 minutes. And they’ll remember it for several months to come.

Like when I got home from errands one Saturday, and my husband had put my robe, slippers, a candle and bubble bath in our guest bathroom (where our bathtub is). “Lock the door and enjoy. I got the kids.” That simple gesture didn’t take much from him, but it still gives me chills to recount several months later. He made me feel special. He made me feel loved.

Do you have a master shower in your relationship? A place you don’t pay attention to, but that really matters to your spouse?

Watch the video blog to get some ideas on ways to show simple acts of love to your spouse. None of them take more than 5 minutes.

Unless you’re me, and your master shower has been ignored for about a year.

I’m going to clean it today.

And no one will notice.

No one but him.

What simple acts of generosity have been shown to you, or have you shown, in your relationship? Share in the comments section below.