Don’t save mint for your Mojitos and the cocktail bar! Mint can help with nausea and headaches, work as a digestive aid and is even a natural stimulant that has been found to have anti-depressant properties. I’m sharing this post as part of Williams-Sonoma Juice Week.

Get-Your-Spinach-For-The-Day-While-Tasting-Spearmint Juice

Get-your-spinach-for-the-day-while-tasting-mint Juice

Yep, you’re getting your 1 cup of recommended daily spinach, along with a juice that tastes like amazing summer melon and perfectly-sweet spearmint. I was actually fighting the toddler to finish this. That’s how good it is.

1/4 honeydew melon
20 mint leaves
1 handful spinach

Juice and enjoy! (I use an Omega juicer for juicing, and I love my Vitamix for smoothies!)

Get-Your-Spinach-For-The-Day-While-Tasting-Spearmint Juice

It’s light and sweet and bright green. And so simple!

The kids will love it! And they won’t even know there’s spinach juice in it.

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