It’s always fun to echo the flavors in your meal… in your cocktail glass. I made this one up when I had some extra cilantro after making eggplant curry over brown rice.

Homemade Cilantro-Lime Martini

Homemade cilantro-lime martini

2 ounces vodka
1 handful fresh cilantro
1-2 limes
1 cup ice

Muddle cilantro in the bottom of cocktail shaker. Squeeze lime juice into shaker. Add ice and vodka, shake it up, and enjoy! (If you have a strainer, use it when you pour the drink into your martini glass. But if not, that’s okay too. I think the cilantro chunks make it look fun and festive!)

If martinis are too strong for you, you can add some cold filtered water to the shaker too. Or, pour the concoction into a larger glass and add some Pellegrino. It’s a nice, relatively low-cal cocktail, and the bubbles add some pomp.

This also compliments any curry dish. I loved my cilantro-lime martini so much I made it again to go with creamy coconut curry and stir-fried veggies with coconut jasmine rice. It looked so delish I had to post a pic on my Instagram.

Homemade Cilantro-Lime Martini