Don’t skip breakfast and grab a package of Cheez-Its on your way to the carpool line, just because you have no other healthy options.

Now that the kids are back to school, it’s time for you to plan ahead with these easy, on-the-go clean-eating snacks for work and play!

Best On-The-Go Clean Eating Snacks For Work

I started making my own “snack packs” about a year ago and I love them! Here is a picture of my snack pack drawer in my fridge:

Best On-The-Go Clean Eating Snacks

It’s super hard. First, you buy a big box of resealable sandwich bags. Then you put all the snacks in them. Yeah, that’s it.

I put new snack packs together every week (usually on Sunday evening or Monday morning), and I promise you: I have saved hundreds of dollars in pricey and processed snack foods! Plus, it’s way healthier.

(I also do the same thing for kid snacks, which you can read more about in this post.)

Best On-The-Go Clean Eating Snacks

1. hard-boiled eggs
2. almonds
3. raisins
4. dried dates
5. sunflower seeds
6. sliced bell peppers
7. carrot sticks
8. celery sticks
9. cherry tomatoes
10. sugar snap peas
11. sliced radishes
12. grapes
13. strawberries
14. blueberries
15. blackberries
16. apple
17. pear
18. banana

Best On-The-Go Clean Eating Snacks Best On-The-Go Clean Eating Snacks

What are your favorite healthy, on-the-go snack foods? Share them in the comments section below.