The perfect dish for your 4th of July party

I made up this snack last week, and it’s straight awesome. It’s savory. Aaaand, it’s red, white and blue. And, let’s be honest. Isn’t it nice to finally have a red, white and blue appetizer idea that’s not strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream? ‘Cause that one is played out, yo.

Bring it to your 4th of July party and everyone there will be like, ‘Wow, she’s so amazing and creative.’

The Perfect Dish For Your 4th of July Party

Red, white and blue 4th of July sweet & savory chip platter

40 blue corn tortilla chips
1/2 cup ricotta cheese
40 tiny watermelon chunks
freshly-ground black pepper

This is really hard. Ready?

Cut up the watermelon chunks. Spread the chips on a platter, put small dollops of ricotta cheese on each chip, and top with watermelon and pepper.

Now get in my mouth!

The Perfect Dish For Your 4th of July Party

I even made my own ricotta cheese (because I needed to get rid of our milk before it expired), and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Plus, it only took 3 ingredients: milk, white vinegar (or fresh lemon juice) and salt. I used this recipe and it worked great, even though I didn’t have a thermometer or cheesecloth.

The Perfect Dish For Your 4th of July Party  The Perfect Dish For Your 4th of July Party

These soooo good! The blue corn chips add a salty crunch; the ricotta gives it some creaminess, the watermelon is fresh and bright, and the pepper is a nice counterpoint that ties it all together. The kids literally could not get enough. Win.

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