Pass-A-Grille Melon Refresher

We’ve hit the summer, and there are tons of melons and tropical fruits at the produce market here in Florida. I am lovin’ it!!!

I came up with this juice after a warm morning out with She Just Glows Kids, our free learning adventures group for kids in Tampa Bay. We went to a model train show and had been chasing 10 curious toddler boys all morning. It was nice to get home, into the air-conditioning and throw this little number into the Omega. And I even had my own little juicing assistant! I tipped him really well.

Pass-A-Grille Melon Refresher Pass-A-Grille Melon Refresher

(I usually try to stick to a one-fruit-per-juice rule which I did not follow here. Still, it’s a nice change-up to your usual juicing menu!)

Pass-A-Grille Melon Refresher

1/4 papaya
1/2 honeydew melon
dandelion greens (or spinach, kale, collards)
1/2 lime

Throw it all in your juicer, and enjoy!

Pass-A-Grille Melon Refresher

Cool, refreshing and sweet with a bit of a peppery, citrus bite!

Almost as good as a vodka soda with lime at my favorite beach bar on Pass-A-Grille.



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