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Ooooooh Halloween, I’ve been waiting for you ALL YEAR LONG.

Not because I love the holiday. But because I saw this adorable picture of a baby in a lobster pot when I was pregnant, and I have been obsessing about recreating it ever since!

And. I. Did.

Baby Lobster Costume

This year, we were Surf & Turf. The baby is the surf in a borrowed baby lobster costume. The toddler is the turf.

I found that toddler steak costumes were hard to come by (A.K.A. non-existent) so I ended up making it. I used two old dark brown bath towels (that I sewed together with a gap for his head to get through), some off-white felt (for the T-bone) and black gross-grain ribbon criss-crossed along his front (for the “grill marks”). Surf & Turf (Steak & Lobster) Kid Halloween Costume Idea

Hubby and I were the chefs. I made our hats out of the white lining from an old pair of Pier One curtains. (Yes, I’m THAT cheap.) Surf & Turf Family Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! (Now, what shall we dress up as next year?!?)

What are your favorite family-themed Halloween costume ideas? Tell me in the comments section below!