I’m well into the third trimester, and I’m feeling larger than ever! I’ve clearly been browsing Pinterest waaaaayyy too much because I’ve become obsessed with recreating this family photo I found.

Since we didn’t have anyone to call, I set up our Canon Rebel T2i on a tripod in my favorite picture spot in our house: right in front of the French doors that lead to our backyard. (It’s one of the best spots for natural light in our house.)

Family Maternity Photo SheJustGlows.com

I really wanted a photo that would capture this special, yet fleeting, window of time in our family’s history, and I love how this shot documents our toddler’s innocent curiosity about what’s in my tummy.

Through this whole pregnancy, he’s loved nothing more than to put his face on my bare tummy and relax and suck his thumb. It’s like it’s his “happy place” and I just love it!

I hope his sweet, gentle demeanor around my belly translates to life with his baby brother.

(Haha, who am I kidding?!?)

Well, we’re loving this time while it lasts.