She Just Glows: Tampa Bay

Girl. I need a night out.

Anyone else?

She Just Glows of Tampa Bay is launching an inspirational girls’ night out, called She Just Glows IN THE DARK.

What can you expect?

A fun night out. A chance to put on lipstick and wear heels. Wine. Some fun new girlfriends. And me!

It’s basically a girls’ night out, with a little bit more.

We’ll start the night with a bang and a few crazy-awesome giveaways. I’ll take a few minutes to share some of my real-life tips for making your biggest impact as a woman, a wife, a mother. And, the rest is a girls’ night out. We’ll have wine and food, and tons of time to talk and meet and encourage and hang out. We’ll connect you with other #glowgirls who live near you. I’ll give you some stuff to take home to inspire and motivate and encourage. Oh, and throughout the night, we’ll have even more giveaways (because I love you that much.)

No pressure.

No kids.

Just us.

It’s going to be epic.

And, if you know of any business who’d want to sponsor this event or future ones, hit me up at!